Weezy is back and this time with his Free Weezy Album. It’s a 15 track cut with a total of 10 features. Some of the bigger rap features include ATL’s own Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa, and Corey Gunz. The album comes at an interesting time during Weezy’s career with the label drama between him and his parent label Cash Money. Hence the album title, Free Weezy Album.

The album starts out somewhat strong. The first track has Wayne rapping his ass off for five minutes straight setting up what you think is going to be a pretty good album, maybe even his best since Tha Carter III, but it just goes downhill from there unfortunately. The album lacks a clear focus and meaningful lyricism.

You can’t really get a feel of where the album is going because it is being ripped in two opposite directions. You go from a pretty ghetto track “Murda” to what sounds like a pop rap track in “London Roads”. The album really puts you in the mindset of Drake mixed with Ed Sheeran. The Drake portion coming from Wayne heavily discussing his girl issues. Not that discussing woman issues is a bad thing. Drake does a good job with it, but that just isn’t Wayne. If I posted this lyric from “Without you”, “If you find your way home you know that porch light is on, I lay in bed wishing your side was warm”, and asked whether Wayne or Drake said it I bet ninety percent of you all, myself included, would guess drake.

As for the Ed Sheeran comparison I hear that in the production. I noticed on some of the tracks if you tune out the high hats you can hear how similar some of the instrumentation sounds to X by Ed Sheeran. The best example would be “My Heart Races On”. I can already hear Ed Sheeran singing over it a little bit but if you listen to it then listen to “Afire Love” I think they sound so similar. The album is just filled with to many pop influences which is why I think it fell flat on its face. Pop isn’t Lil’ Wayne.

There really isn’t any lyrical content to this album at all. It is all somewhat witty punchlines followed by how much money he has or how much he loves money. Which at this point in Wayne’s career I guess he has touched on all of the topics of his life, especially with Tha Carter series, but I feel he can do better than this. Surely he has more left in his arsenal than punchlines about pussy and money. Just a few years ago if you listened to a Wayne song you would have at least 3 moments where you were thinking “How the hell did he think to rhyme that?” Now you have 3 moments where you think “Why the hell did he just say that?”. With lines off this album such as “I turn into a piranha and eat it like tilapia” and “Lord knows I drive fast in my driveway” you can tell Wayne is in steep decline.

I would say this is one of the worst Lil Wayne albums I have heard. Just too much pop and not enough lyricism. I give this album a 4 out of 10. Poor showing from Wayne. Better luck next time.


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